Our addiction treatment staff at ALEF High Point has vast experience dealing with and treating substance use disorder. What links us all is a desire and commitment to help patients heal and overcome addiction.

Our Addiction Treatment Staff

ron flack addiction treatment staffRon Flack Jr


President/CEO/Program Sponsor of ALEF Behavioral Group. His 13+ year addiction treatment career includes stints as Vice President/Vice-Chair of the North Carolina Association for Treatment of Opioid Dependence, as well as a coalition member of the North Carolina Substance Use Disorder Federation. Dr. Ron has also served in various leadership capacities for a variety of addiction treatment providers across the state. The native North Carolinian holds an International certification for alcohol and drug services, a National certification for alcohol and drug services, a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services, a master’s degree in Divinity, and a doctorate in Biblical Counseling. For Dr. Ron, evidence-based Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a proven necessity. Further, his extensive education and experience ensure ALEF is the kind of cutting-edge Opioid Treatment Provider (OTP) that meets the needs of the community in the most effective way possible.

Orlando Paz

My desire to help the struggling addict stems from my past and the pain that I caused myself, my family, and my loved ones during my time in active addiction. At the height of my struggle, I felt alone, hopeless, and desperate to find a way out. When I reached rock bottom and had no one else left to turn to, a recovering addict came into my life and selflessly took his time to speak with me about his struggle and his new journey in a life of recovery. My time shared with this gentleman gave me great hope and inspired me to find help. I chose to admit myself to a recovery center and that is when my journey began. My story in recovery is far from perfect yet, it has been one of the most amazing and fulfilling journeys that I have ever experienced. The gifts of recovery are what define me today not the turmoil of my past. I live my life today trying my best to share this message with other addicts who are still out there suffering. One of the passions in my life is the outdoors and nature. Today, I combine both my passions in life and the free gift of nature to help others. I have developed several nature-based programs designed to help the struggling addict find a new way of life. I have studied and graduated to become a Certified Addiction Counselor. I have the educational background however, I believe part of my success in helping others stems from my personal experience and not so much the textbooks. I am truly blessed. Today, I am living my dream, the dreams I always imagined, the dreams I never thought were possible. My passion has become my profession and I am grateful for that. My life has a purpose and I found that my purpose today is to help others find this way of life.

Melissa Gonzalez

Business Development Leader

Melissa loves being part of the process that gives many the opportunity to overcome addiction. Her own personal recovery began in 2009 after many family interventions and treatment attempts. She cherishes being able to help individuals and their families by sharing her experiences, support, and hope with as many as she can. Melissa`s journey of hardship, struggle, and pain has turned into a life of purpose. Her purpose today is to pass her experience on to the struggling addict and help guide them into a new way of life.